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FACT Reunion Cancelled :(

Sorry guys but it is cancelled due to low turnout. Next time maybe we'll try for an informal get together instead! Checks/payments to those who signed up will be returned on Monday.



I wanted to congratulate everyone on our accomplishment. It was a rough year for me, but I made a lot of good friends who I will hopefully have for a really long time. On another, less mushy, note I got an email from Oli this morning about a CPR class since he's expiring (in CPR) soon and thought that many of us may be  may be in the same boat.

So, check your cards and let me know if you're going to expire soon, I'm an instructor and if we get enough people (20 or more) we can set up a class sometime in the near future. My cost for cards is about $5.00 plus the expense of additional instructors and mannequins. So the total cost per student should only be about $15.00- $20.00.

Most jobs require you to have CPR cert. prior to beginning, and classes typically start at about $50.00. So this is a real bargain.

Get back to me if you're interested, If we get 20 or more people interested and can agree on a date I'll definitely hold a class.


Steve Mayo

Posted Wednesday, May 21, 2008 from Steve's email message of May 20th - LW


Right here is where you can post your announcements. Just email it to me, type your name and date at the bottom and I'll post it. New baby... going to Iraq... hosting a walk... organizing a get together...you get the picture. I'll post announcements and updates once per week, every Sunday at 10pm. 


A brief explanation of the site:

Contact Database: All of our contact info, including individual email links. This is not secure, so if you are an unlisted kind of guy or gal, just include an updated email address. I can always take stuff down. If your email address changes, please send your new one to me or you might miss out on emails from your classmates :0(

Face Database: It will serve in the future as a reminder of who's who.

Email List: send out a mass email! Good for stuff not important enough for an announcement, but still important to you. Also good if you need an immediate response to an announcement that won't be listed until Sunday at 10pm.

Pictures: Whatever people choose to email in, include captions if you like.  I can't post them all due to space limitations, but I'll try to include at least a choice few. I'm registered at Snapfish, so if you post there, just invite me to see them.

Finally, the links are at the top of every page. That is all.

Laura W.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Unfortunately, I cannot endorse this website officially due to it's lack of actual affiliation with the educational institution that bears my name. However, I believe FACT 2008 grads will be, by far, the smartest AND the hottest RN's within the continental United States.  Holy cow, a BSN in one year? That is wacked! Clearly you have achieved something few before you have, and for that you should be commended.

-Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It's Alive!!! The FACT 2008  website  is alive and kicking! What was that web address you so carefully memorized so you can always find it now and forever??? 


Come often and keep in contact with your awesome classmates.


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